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Operations, IT, IP and VAS

Advance Care Services

Mobile Communication Company of Iran known as MCI and also under its brand...

Network Implementation

ntegrating all the components of a communications system can be a difficult task. BRTel's Integration helps...

Radio Roll-Out

MCI has recently launched 3G network commercially. This project has got a lot of steps to do since...

Core Relocation

In any network architecture, Core section plays a major role of the switching function and as the name implies...


MCI the largest operator in the Middle East recently decided to centralize its network optimization in the whole country...


BRTel provided wide range of training courses and below is a sample list of recent training courses...


The Revenue Chain for a Communications Service Provider is a sophisticated path – it is a complex, constantly evolving series...


With subscribers of Mobile Operators’ increasing demand for receiving more diverse and updated VAS Services...

IP and Transport

This huge project started Nov 2015 and so far IP team has been accomplished all the customer satisfaction and huge improvement on network...

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Products and Services

BRTel Products and Services

Services Delivery Framework

BRTel applies different series of world-wide standards and frameworks for services delivery and services related operations...

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Network Implementation

The mobile data boom is creating massive pressure on networks, which have to meet the demands of an increasing...

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Advanced Care

Our professional delivery team offers telecommunication industry-leading experience and knowledge ...

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Balancing business and technology pressures is a constant challenge. You need to improve operations...

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Core Audit

BRTel Care business unit offers a full range of operations and maintenance services to suit the...

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Performance Management

BRTel understands that the current Operator’s networks are experiencing challenges in ...

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Information Technology is an integral part of today's telecommunications industry. In fact most of ...

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Supervision, Consultancy

The telecommunications sector is in constant mutation. Perfect knowledge of local, regional ...

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Optimization Services

BRTel is a services and solution company in telecommunication market and we are proud to deliver ...

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Managed Services

Managed services are becoming increasingly popular around the world, the Global Market for managed services ...

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Training Services

Competition is becoming increasingly fierce in the Telecom industry with accelerated development of new technologies...

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Simplicity is a complete ticket based help desk software. Simplicity comes fully featured with ticket auto-import, ...

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BRGroup is a pioneer Telecommunication service and Information technology and solution provider comprised of high competent Telecom local and international professionals in various Telecom streams, such as advance Care, IT, Business Support Solutions, IP, Operations and Managed Services, Planning and Optimization, Modernization, Network Implementation, Software and Equipment provisioning and Consultancy services.