A comprehensive platform for managing all services provided to customers as API

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The first mobile programming portal system, BRgroup API, is a comprehensive platform for managing all services that can be supplied to clients in the form of API. It consists of the following components:

The portal also shows:

The total number of licenses and the percentage of all active licenses per module, the start and end time of each license, active and inactive licenses based on feature status, percent of license usage in the network per module, and the capacity of license utilization per day and hour.

  • Identity and Access Management
  • API Management and API Gateway
  • Developer Portal
  • API Documents Services Publisher
  • Reports
  • Sandbox
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Service subscriptions are essential for developers to readily utilize the services supplied. This component can supply web-based service documentation to developers, allowing this part to test the needed services.

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Advantages of BRgroup API for you

  • Less complexity: Externally accessible APIs are divorced from application system interfaces.
  • Brings about simplicity: APIs can be developed to meet the demands of the API user and are easy to maintain because to decoupling
  • Operates in real-time thanks to rapid in-memory API call execution
  • Integral logging of API requests (who, when, and which), as well as execution timings and results, provides transparency
  • Legacy applications are seamlessly integrated utilizing a broad collection of adapters that connect data-storage systems employing various access protocols
  • Simple to Control: When the APIs are rolled out to user groups, wizards assist with API implementation and administration apps.