Deliver superior mobile network in strategic locations

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With growing expectations of network performance in urban and rural areas, indoors and outdoors, new demands are arising to be addressed. The current frequency bands used by operators for transmitting data get clogged up easily. In the middle of an urban area or an arena, placing a call becomes a challenge and traffic havoc arises to be solved. As low-powered radio access nodes or base stations (BS) operating in licensed or unlicensed spectrum, small cells cover a few meters up to a few hundred meters. They are deployed to increase the mobile network capacity and coverage in localized areas. BRgroup's small cell and femtocell solutions steps in to let you deploy intelligent, flexible solutions in bus shelters, roadside advertising panels, information kiosks, street manholes and lamp posts.

Benefits of BRgroup small cells and femtocells

Our small cells and femtocells are easy and smart way for operators to quickly benefit from operating under the most extreme conditions. With best-in-class technology offered by BRgroup, you can benefit from:

  • Compatibility across 3GPP/ITU/IEEE/ETSI standards
  • Security that is not comparable with other products
  • Offsetting CAPEX and improving brand value
  • Lower OPEX with superior products that are easily maintained

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