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BRGroup Frequency Planning

Gain capacity and scale for your network needs

Get the most of your capacity and highest quality by accessing limited frequency resources and pulling away from intermodulation interference. BRGroup Frequency Planning maximizes the information flow over the network and improves the efficiency of your radio network. It perfects your network.

Planning designed for the challenge

We all need to build alliance when doing something big, because finishing the big job comes with a lot of hassle and headache. Plus, customer and market demands are shifting, and you need specialized support to respond to the unplanned. Our service empowers you to skim costs, expand network coverage, and enhance network performance.

BRGroup can help.

Because our experts are taking advantage of:

  • Atoll-A multi-tech software to overcome cell planning challenges
  • Ultima Forte-Ideal for spectrum refarming exercises, to provide quality KPI-based evaluations.
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