Expand your network reach and capture new customers

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BRgroup RBS enables you target new customers without being limited to your current network coverage. 2G and 3G radio base stations are elements of the 2G or 3G mobile network. With BRgroup RBS you can facilitate communication between users and your network because our radio base stations are cost-effective, secure and reliable.

Scale up!

BRgroup RBS is designed for easy and smooth installation. It makes network implementation and modernization fast and agile, and can be easily commissioned and integrated. BRgroup can successfully plan and implement your journey to 2G and 3G radio base stations in your network.

Benefits for you
Our RBS product can have multiple benefits to network operators such as:

  • A low-cost approach-it comes with low CAPEX, high quality and easy maintenance, ensuring cost-efficiency.
  • Meeting the reliability and security standards-increase reliability and security, while delivering the simplicity you need.
  • Non-localized and totally compatible- The RBS engine and OEM are not localized, and the product is totally compatible with 2G and 3G network standards

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