Why us?

Standardized services

Lessons learnt, new best class tested and proved mechanisms are all examples of best practices.

Business continuity

The key to a successful network operation is providing high-quality services to end-users in the most efficient manner.

Dedication to unlocking the true power of your network

With a global presence and strategic hubs in multiple countries, BRgroup is a leading provider of innovative tech services for the B2B industry.

Our Products


Enjoy a comprehensive portfolio of IT services. Ranging from API gateway to fraud management and revenue assurance, the services we offer at BRGroup include: convergent billing system, customer experience management (CEM), Fujitsu server, and data warehousing and business intelligence and many more.

Circuit Switched Core

We all need an efficient service for our mobile circuit-switched voice calls, while ensuring a future-proof network evolution to Voice over LTE (VoLTE). Our proven resources and experience in circuit-switched core networks ensure cutting-edge technology, telecom-grade performance for IP networks and comprehensive in-house support for integration and network rollout. Performance is further enhanced through built-in functionality for network optimization, giving operators the tools to improve service delivery and, as a result, customer satisfaction and revenue.

Network Planning and Optimization

Network Planning services help maximize performance from your network infrastructure, so that you can deliver the best quality of experience to your customers. Optimize current infrastructure assets to deliver a more effective service. Plan service roll outs to ensure that the right infrastructure is deployed for the current and future levels of demand. This all comes with less network strain in order to minimize costs and increase data flow.


We are here to support. Operations and business support systems at BRGroup have a long successful history in different countries. Our services include CBS, CEM and tools we offer for OSS reporting. An international telco, BRGroup is leading the way with nationwide rollout, managed services that can power up your business for extracting new value, and never-ending customer support services.

Cyber and Innovation

We enable you to focus on which digital assets are the riskiest, identify gaps in the cybersecurity program, prioritize remediation needs, and budget your resources in an effective manner leading to increased cyber resilience. We can safeguard you against invaiders through innovative actions adopted by our heros.


Simply put, 5G is new technology to deliver on the promises of a connected world and an always-on lifestyle. Our 5G solution enables you to travel to a successful 5G future, achieve higher data-rates, create more connectivity across different devices, and provide ultra-low latency.

Packet Switched Core

Our NFV EPC cloud-native service uses the network functions virtualization (NFV) to provide a firm ground to work in dynamic environments. An important wing in BRGroup, the BR-NFV Cloud EPC is easily integrated with a service provider's own platform, accelerates service launch and allows for higher innovative capabilities.


We at BRGroup are implementing first-class radio networks, including powerful antennas and feeder-line products. Networks need to build alliance when doing something big, because finishing the big job comes with a lot of hassle and headache. Plus, customer and market demands are shifting, and you need specialized support to respond to the unplanned.

Products that fit your needs

BRgroup offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of products to suit all network needs. As of 2022, these fall into the categories of circuit switched core, packet switched core, 5G, IT, OSS/BSS, network care, cyber and innovation, and network planning and optimization. Our offerings have been evolving networks in three continents. There are several other platforms which have been delivered or are under development by BRgroup as its own proprietary product:

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Maintenance of infrastructures and monitoring and data analysis, through BRtel

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