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Network Implementation Services

With the targeted implementation of BRGroup services, you can quickly create sustainable competitive advantages.

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Network Implementation Services:

With the targeted implementation of BRGroup services, you can quickly create sustainable competitive advantages.

With the targeted implementation of BRTel services, you can quickly create sustainable competitive advantages.

The mobile data boom is creating massive pressure on networks, which have to meet the demands of an increasing number and variety of products and technologies. Networks need to constantly adapt to changing consumer habits, evolving landscapes and hotspot areas. Efficient network evolution is essential when growing communications business profitably. Advances in communication services and technology have raised customers’ expectations. However keeping up with these changes often means complex implementation projects that can consume valuable time and resources.

Our Services:

To meet the needs of our varied clients, we’ve created a Network Implementation portfolio that includes: Build Radio Implementing first class radio networks, including powerful antennas and feeder-lines products.
Build Core Building core networks, swap or relocation projects Build Transmission Providing extended equipment and system solution expertise on microwave and transport/transmission implementation services. Project Management Delivering project excellence from tens of telecom network projects, experience from building and upgrading several sites. Unique integrated project management platform provides single point of contact for all parties involved, brings transparency and efficiency to all project models. Behind every successful mobile network roll-out is our pool of project management experts delivering local project with global experience.

Organizations need voice and data services delivered quickly, with maximum speed and reduced operational costs.
So, BRTel's network implementation services are designed to support you throughout the process. From planning to installation, testing, rollout and even production, we can help you to ensure any new implementations are smooth, and are delivered on time and on budget.

Network Implementation expertise at a glance

  • RNC commissioning
  • RNC integration
  • Transmission
  • Pre-launch
  • SSV
  • Local supervision
  • QA
  • Node-B commissioning
  • Node-B integration
  • RNC commissioning
  • RNC integration
  • MW installation
  • MW commissioning
  • 3G installation
  • 3G commissioning
  • Cutover
  • LTE installation

Our beliefs:

Our Network Implementation services give you all you need to build, expand or modernize a mobile broadband network efficiently, while growing sustainably and evolving technology. We offer world leading project management experience and excellence proven in tens of projects in our history. We have deep experience based expertise to migrate, evolve and modernization any telco ecosystem in an innovative way, utilizing your existing network assets and investment to the full.
Quality has always been our first focus. Quality construction maximizes the lifespan of your installed equipment and the associated infrastructure.
Fast deployment is our strength when it comes to keeping up with market expectation and growth needs. With us you can reduce site implementation and modernization costs while managing commercial and technical risks and increasing your efficiency. You can rely on us managing competence demands in the implementation phase for new technologies like MBB and LTE.

Training Services:

We offer customized training in the form of company courses, and we are also happy to offer courses at your location of choice abroad. Training courses:
  • Node-B commissioning – Nokia & Huawei
  • Node-B integration – Nokia & Huawei
  • RNC commissioning
  • RNC integration
  • NetAct
  • Plan editor

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BRGroup is a pioneer Telecommunication service and Information technology and solution provider comprised of high competent Telecom local and international professionals in various Telecom streams, such as advance Care, IT, Business Support Solutions, IP, Operations and Managed Services, Planning and Optimization, Modernization, Network Implementation, Software and Equipment provisioning and Consultancy services.