A fully programmable open radio network solution for competitive advantage

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Use a dynamic software-defined mobile network solution to disaggregate the software and hardware functionalities of the traditional RAN. Open RAN (O-RAN) approach leverages white box hardware and open interfaces for a flexible workflow with radio network entities. BRgroup Open RAN is an easy plug & play platform to differentiate your services and be at the edge of innovation.

We all need to brace for the future

Deploy best-of-breed solutions to future-proof the evolution of your network.

Benefits for you
With our dynamic and flexible Open RAN solution, you can:

  • Maximize agility and openness-quickly adapt your open virtualized radio access networks to new use cases.
  • Become more flexible compatibleBRgroup E2E OPEN RAN platform is ITU-3GPP- and ETSI-compliant. Deliver guaranteed interoperability with legacy networks and other BRgroup solutions
  • Secure your network BRgroup O-RAN protects your network from a wide range of threats through improved modularity and lower interdependency
  • Cut costs with a virtualized solutionminimize capital and operational costs with our industry-standard servers (COTS) and the open common virtualized solution you get. With BRgroup O-RAN you can cut TCO up to 50% and stand out from operators spending millions on RAN.

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