NPO Transmission


Get an all-inclusive view of your network

TX-signal optimization tools put together measurement data from TX nodes to provide a clear whole-of-network view. With this optimization tool, you can rise to the challenge of handling and optimizing access level of your network.
A dedicated connection for radio network nodes and their destination to come together (BSC, RNC, MME) through the path with MW, router, ADM, satellite, and fiber.

Friends with benefits

It's easy to see why BRgroup can take your network to a higher level. Our service encompasses multiple transmission network variations to meet your toughest demands from a wide range of fields up to core nodes. We combine data collected in connection with each transmission node and analyze and apply them to enable you win improvement plans with ease.

Transform your network

Partner up with BRgroup to access optimization expertise across technologies and vendors including Huawei, Ericsson, and Nokia. BRgroup is there for you to reshape your network to take an integrated approach to customer satisfaction, drive loyalty and provide great customer experience.

Unlock next-generation communications and tap new revenue opportunities with a service that:

  • Uses standard baseband entities of comparable quality to network giants
  • Ensures complete confidentiality and maximum security
  • Enables seamless integration with LTE networks
  • Keeps costs in check and continues adding to your 5G capabilities
  • Offers flexible deployment in SA or NSA scenarios
  • Ensures full compatibility across LTE EPC and cloud-native core networks
  • Monitors performance in a user-friendly way
  • Is a perfect fusion of features and services that set quality standards
  • Comes with detailed documents