Modernize your network to handle whatever the future brings

In a fast-evolving communication world, subscribers increasingly want to use high-end, smart services requiring latest technology. With our network modernization service, you can activate new services for subscribers, adapt at pace and unlock potential revenue streams.

With BRgroup modernization service you are able to:

  • Use antennas that boost network capacity and lead to a better customer experience
  • Add new boards or modernize previous ones to put a step forward
  • Evolve your transmission devices to conquer the challenges of a fast-growing industry
  • Modernize your radio units (RUs) to create performance efficiencies

See how BRgroup can help you modernize your network
With an agile infrastructure partnering with you, BRgroup can help you:

  • Deliver your projects fast
  • Avoid downtime and make the most of a network that's always up
  • Minimize your CAPEX
  • Optimize operational costs through cutting time to implement your projects
  • Rapidly create lucrative new services