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BR-DTS: make every moment count with fully tailored offerings

Beating the time with a dynamic, AI-driven system

Big-budget network installation requires products and services that pay back, making every moment of the network matter. Communication service providers therefore seize every opportunity to contain costs and optimize benefits. Any moment has the potential to unleash new revenue. When the network is underused, the key is bridging the time gaps.

Silver bullet to more subscribers

BRGroup DTS is built on AI and machine learning, enabling you offer dynamic discounts across different time intervals to let subscribers make greater use of network capacity in low traffic times – a two-fold benefit: more revenue for you and less cost for subscribers.

See how our flexible rating beats the time
Our hybrid offering system is designed for voice calls, messages and data to monetize your network day in, day out at locations where network is not . BRGroup DTS. And we can be in sync with your strategic objectives to enable you touch new segments and locations in your network, be more productive and provide the elasticity demanded by subscribers. This is possible with a solution that is built on:

  • Dynamic tariffing engine (DTE) with a wide range of modules required for a smart real-time rating
  • A DT core that goes on to do calculation and provisioning dynamically
  • A customer communication center (CCC) made up of each and every node required for communicating with the end customer.
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