BRGroup CBIS- Billing just got smarter

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Save your current revenue and seize new ones in a flexible, scalable and real-time CBIS environment

The old ways of providing services to subscribers just don't make the money they used to. The digital world is yet to fill the gap and get back on track. It is a problem for most operators. But you see it as an opportunity, a chance to rethink old methods and adopt smarter ways to reform your billing system, keep up with your rivals and at the same time cut your costs. In addition, you want to provide your subscribers easy-to-understand billing information, on the paper, online, or on their smart phones.

The CBS system architecture

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Billing process flow

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Rating and Charging Capacity

  • Multi-service: voice, data, SMS, content, etc
  • Multi-metric: minutes, seconds, KB, items
  • Repay and post-pay: Generate unpaid records for post pay Online pricing and credit control for prepay Generate paid records Account, balance, plan sharing
  • Flexible time segmentation Like 0-60s, 7:00-19:00
  • Bill to: called party, calling party, …
  • Plan and package supportv
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Bill and invoice

The bill module exports prepared bills, such as executing bills, generating bills in a certain format, converting bill formats, and distributing bills.
Customers' bills and invoices are generated by the invoice module based on their consumption of services and promotion methods.

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What BRgroup CBIS adds to your business Through constant R&D and adopting best practices in network security, BRgroup provides a modular, scalable, real-time, adaptive, flexible and unified service for charging and billing to enable operators support millions of voice, video and data subscribers worldwide. BRgroup CBIS fits the bill if you aim at:

  • Reducing time-to-market (TTM)
  • Reducing CAPEX and OPEX
  • Speeding up time to revenue
  • Boosting user experience
  • Using a unified platform
  • Speeding up the revenue assurance process

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