Full turn key


A new site, a simple approach.

Operators are grabbling with various challenges when it comes to adding a new site. And it is totally OK, because creating a site is too complex, costly and manually-intensive. Thanks to operational skills and expertise of network heroes of different nations, sites are built by BRGroup to perform, resile and last.

BRGroup can help

Network specialists from various countries around the world to let you create new sites with greater speed and nimbleness.

Benefits for you

With BRGroup you are able to:

  • Partner up with an organization as agile as the cloud
  • Deliver your projects fast
  • Minimize your CAPEX
  • Optimize operational costs through cutting time to implement your projects
  • Boost your capacity to unluck untapped revenue
  • Get everything done with minimal impact on subscribers

Eight challenges, many phases, a one-stop solution

Relax, BRGroup covers the new site lifecycle from acquisition, through installation all the way to site acceptance. It will save you a lot of hassle and headaches with high performance turnkey teams built on experienced talents to:

  • Complete site acquisition
  • Obtain permission to build the site
  • Do radio and transmission planning
  • Deliver civil, tower, AC power application and services
  • Take care of logistics and transportation
  • Provide TX installation, commissioning and integration
  • Fine-tune and optimize; and
  • Perform site acceptance