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If you interact with data from various sources, you may need to build logical associations manually in DataSourceView to supplement those defined automatically. Data Relationships are required in Analysis Services to identify fact and dimension tables, to construct queries for retrieving data and metadata from underlying data sources, and to take advantage of advanced business intelligence features.

The full suite of features BRgroup data modeler provides

Three databases are supported by the tool: MySql, Oracle, and SQLserver. (Working with different database types is possible.) By examining metadata, the program automatically determines the structure of disparate data sources. All SPs, triggers, indexes, and scheduling jobs can be shown and exported from metadata. In addition to these, BRgroup Data Modeler:

  • Can determine whether various data sources have online or offline linkages
  • Allows for quick and simple development
  • Designs both physical and logical data models
  • Custom mapping can be imported or exported
  • Enables you to comprehend data assets in order to increase productivity and shorten time to market
  • Comes with a dashboard that displays all types of updates to databases and tabless
  • Allows for the creation of several types of users with varying levels of access
  • Allows users to enter and amend data
  • It distinguishes between dynamic and static report kinds, allowing users to get data from databases or see a pre-built report
  • Generates dynamic and static reports from all tables and attributes
Blog Single