A cloud-native compute solution adding flexibility to a service provider’s purpose-built 5G network

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With growing MBB subscriber, Cloud RAN plays a key role in future network evolution. C-RAN is a catalyst to grease the wheels of LTE where it requires coordination between eNodeB, reduce the latency between eNodeB, and achieve extraordinary user experience. BRgroup C-RAN can ease your journey to future network evolution and adopting new innovative alternatives.

Service opportunities you win through BRgroup C-RAN

  • BRgroup C-RAN provides the ease, efficiency and flexibility you need to launch advanced LTE features
  • You can achieve higher user satisfaction and increase your revenue
  • With less power usage and easy maintenance, you can reduce CAPEX and OPEX
  • Through a flexible C-RAN service that is easily compatible with LTE/5G, you can add versatility to your network
  • With BRgroup you can securely deploy this flexible and intelligent RAN architecture

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