Deploy, operate, maintain, and upgrade traditional telecom network elements with an intelligent multiservice

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It's time to move toward rapid service launch, seamless integration with HSS, DNS, SIP interface configuration, G-MSS, and elements. BR-NFV IMS uses network function virtualization (NFV) to virtualize the three main elements in an IMS network. BR-NFV IMS makes troubleshooting just easier and contains maintenance costs.

When the world is getting more intelligent on a daily basis, you need a service to save costs and protect your investment in the long run. You need access to a reliable and scalable MSS platform to save operational costs.
It's time for your business to shift from traditional telecom network elements to a simplified, cost-effective, harmonized cloud service that is built on recent technology.

Cut operating costs and get more

Minimize transmission and interconnection costs through easy access to local switching in multimedia gateways (MGWs). With BRgroup's Cloud MSS, MGWs can be distributed adjacent to subscribers, and calls can be switched locally without the need for long transmission legs to the MSS and back.

BRgroup Cloud MSS protects your investment in the long run

Our Cloud MSS provides you with a shared transport network for both your fixed and mobile voice traffic over packet-switched transport networks on access and trunk interfaces. It supports the TDM- and IP-based interface, and the ATM- and IP-based IuCS interface on the radio access side. On core network interfaces, the system supports IP-, TDM-, and ATM-based transport for protection of signaling traffic and user plane traffic. The same MSS network element can simultaneously function as a Mobile Softswitch and a Media Gateway Control Function (MGCF), offering CS and IM user plane gateway roles. The available capacity of an MSS System is shared dynamically among these roles.

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