Grow your network by accessing an end-to-end portfolio of uninterrupted support services

Providing high-quality services to end-users in the most efficient manner is the key to a successful network operation. Care encompasses a diverse range of support services that ensure network availability, stability, operational efficiency, and service continuity. BRgroup Care Services add value to customers by combining expertise, knowledge, and understanding while following to best practices established from hundreds of successful care programs and knowledge bases throughout the world.
What is the only sure way to a successful network operation? It is delivering an all-inclusive, superior service to end-users to open paths to efficiency. With BRgroup Care you have the flexibility to pick the right services to address your specific needs. Our care ensures the highest network availability across vendors, the stability you need, operational efficiency and service continuity.

A solution just right for you

Specific support services to a wider complete maintenance offer. We analyze your challenges, identify your requirements and match them against our offerings

Feature 1

One Service. Many advantages.

Around a decade professional experience as the only multi-vendor care services provider globally. BRgroup Care is a mission-critical service for all CSPs with many benefits for you:

  • Feature activation that is fast
  • Hardware services to put network issues right
  • Access technical solutions that are designed for the challenge
  • Upgrade nodes software to improve customer experiences
  • Enjoy simple solutions for complicated technical issues

Feature 2

Reap the benefits of a dependable service

BRgroup Care is built for delivering greater user experience through:

  • Business continuity - Use our experience and expertise to reduce risk and open paths to operational efficiency
  • Improved productivity - Improve solution uptime substantially and unleash the full value of your network faster
  • World-class expertise – Gain knowledge and proficiency from a strong team for response and restoration
  • Upgraded capacity - Looking for new ways of boosting your capacity while still making a profit? We can help. Our teams for Care, Maintenance and Professional Services can help you deliver high network performance and quality in an environment of constantly changing operations.
  • Simplified operations - As network complexity and data demand grows, expectations of quality increases in parallel. Our automation and innovation services are the key to high service quality and a winning customer experience.
  • A transformed network - Achieve a higher quality of service while maintaining reliability. Put customer experience at the heart of your business.