Bring your business to the next level with high-quality technology from BRtech

Whether you need an intelligent sensor network or a globally recognized technology, BRtech has what you need. BRtech specializes in high-tech services. With decades of experience, our team is here to provide scalable, cost-effective solutions to meet all your needs.
BRtech was created in 2016 to provide mobile operators with high-tech services such as strategic and technical consulting, project management, reengineering, feasibility studies, planning, and execution.
BRtech is a BRgroup subsidiary that consists of technically qualified local and international experts. Our footprint spans a wide range of domestic and international initiatives, from the earliest days of telecom heritage products and services to the most recent generations, indicating that we are focused on the future of technology.
BRtech is working to implement effective policies in its subsidiaries in order to expand telecommunication and IT services across the country and abroad. Our goal is to become the first Iranian brand in the world-class market by providing high-quality Telecom and IT goods and services, such as IOT, DWBI, BRTDM, Big Data, ESB, DTS, NGB, Data Modeler, CBS, LMM, and API, as well as local professional patents.


With over a decade of experience, we're a trusted partner in this industry. We never cut corners because we're all about quality design, engineering, and development.


We take pride in being able to deliver on time while meeting expectations and deadlines every single time.


Our customers trust us because they know we do it right every time.

Affordable High-quality Services

BRtech offers dependable high-quality services at competitive rates.

Cost effective

BRtech strives to deliver high quality services at competitive rates.


BRtech has been delivering high quality services since 2016.

BRtech has helped its partners keep up with the world

BRtech has made every moment count with fully tailored offerings and has beat the time with dynamic, AI-driven system. Big-budget network operations requires products and services that pay back, making every moment of the network matter. We know for a fact that you seize every opportunity to contain costs and optimize benefits. We can help make things easier.
A major line of service and product in BRtech, is Big Data and it is not about the amount of data, it's what we are able to do with it, how to create new opportunities, make better decisions for strategic moves and how to grow bigger. We have helped operators and SME businesses discover the value behind their data to cut costs, save time, develop new products and optimize offerings, and let high-powered analytics help you make smarter decisions.
Our big data system can analyze millions of CDRs in real time and spot any questionable tendencies. It's a decentralized, trustworthy, and accessible service for instantly acquiring, aggregating, and transferring large amounts of streaming data. It enables long-term data storage for root-cause analysis. This CDR analysis could be used to help enhance call quality and generate more effective marketing tactics.

A glorious history of helping our partners detect fraud, prevent customer churn and analyze call drops

With a deep history of uncovering fraud, BRtech is a leading fraud detection company providing cutting edge technology to identify fraudulent transactions. You can use our big data solution to construct models that can detect anomalous phone calls that could suggest theft or hacking in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer situations. It will help you become more resilient and conduct replication operations on numerous servers. While dealing with huge inflows of data, clients watch user reputations and compute spam ratings for specific pieces of material, resulting in exceptionally high write loads.

Extend Revenue Cycle
Monitor live streams of incoming calls and analyze customer churn patterns - reducing wasted time while identifying more fraud risk.

Discover Fraud Risk
Scrub a database against real-time call streams - flagging potential fraudsters before they can cause damage to your company.

Attract More Customers
Leverage BRtech's proprietary database with deep knowledge about customers - helping organizations increase sales and lower customer churn rates.

You are a king!

We believe if we don’t take care of you, our competitors will. We are always observing win-win equations in all aspects, are prepared to render any kind of assistance to our customers.
That is why at BRgroup, customer is always the king.

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