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BRnet was founded in 2016 to offer commercial services to mobile operators with regard to supply of equipment, software and updated IT and telecommunication solutions and after-sales services.
Outfit your company with BRnet's advanced technology. No matter what type of company you're operating, we have a complete solution. BRnet captures everything happening on your network enabling it to recommend right solutions, schedule automated maintenance or setup new sites automatically.

Telecommunication solutions
With BRnet, you can modernize, automate, speed your network and offer new services like Voice over LTE (VoLTE) or Multimedia Message Service (MMS) where you don't need third party providers or mobile operator's cooperation. You can create value at a breakneck pace. Communications service providers (CSPs) who can simultaneously deliver consumer value and business results at unprecedented speed will pave the way for the future. If this dynamic wasn't obvious before the pandemic, it certainly is now. CSPs that follow the three-step process will be well positioned for continued success and innovation:

  • Modernize existing infrastructure for 5G hypergrowth and a post-5G future by updating it.
  • Automate processes so that networks can adjust to changing situations with the least amount of human intervention possible.
  • Speed up speeding up network transition and reduce time to revenue.

Manufacturing, transportation, entertainment, gaming, and other industries will all benefit from this infrastructure, which will combine connectivity and computers. It will be automated as well as elevated. It is going to change. It will also deliver customer and corporate benefits at a breakneck pace.

Business transformation is network transformation.
The next wave of network transformation into business transformation is being driven by BRnet's real-world experience. Everything from 5G to fixed line can be upgraded and connected like never before. Automation shortens the time it takes to generate revenue and increases the speed with which opportunities are realized. New services can be produced more quickly and efficiently, resulting in new revenue sources.
It all adds up to enormous business potential that can be quickly converted into real, measurable value.
The future CSP will use cutting-edge infrastructure that is both resilient and elastic, and can be created once and run anywhere—at the core or at the periphery.

  • BRnet provides software solutions that seamlessly integrates both incoming and outgoing communications
  • Provide high quality advanced products including a wide range of mobile operators
  • BRnet offers installation services
  • More solutions for mobile operators
  • Mobile solutions
  • Faster network
  • Allows you to build and develop mobile networks
  • Offers potential savings on network costs
  • Reduces time spent upgrading legacy equipment

You are a king!

We believe if we don’t take care of you, our competitors will. We are always observing win-win equations in all aspects, are prepared to render any kind of assistance to our customers.
That is why at BRgroup, customer is always the king.

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