Back Office


A back-office service to take on real challenges

Equipment operation and maintenance and network management is becoming cool again because: our back-office team is committed to you.
The services we offer include: simplified operation and maintenance of all nodes, fault restoration, TT and alarm handling, incident management and post-incident review, major incident handling, technical impact analysis and software update.

Embrace new adventures

BRgroup is leading the way with nationwide rollout, managed services that can power up your business, E2E optimization for extracting new value, and never-ending customer support services.

With long experience and expertise of our heroes, you can enjoy:

  • Second line support to get unique answers to your service problems
  • Performance management to avoid problems and maximize your revenue
  • The solution ease of configuration management

Reap the benefits of a dependable service

BRgroup back-office is built for delivering greater user experience through:

  • Business continuity - Use our experience and expertise to reduce risk and open paths to operational efficiency
  • Improved productivity - Improve solution uptime substantially and unleash the full value of your network faster
  • World-class expertise – Gain knowledge and proficiency from a strong team for response and restoration
  • Upgraded capacity - Deliver high network performance and quality in an environment of constantly changing operations.
  • Improved productivity - As network complexity and data demand grows, expectations of quality increases in parallel. Our automation and innovation services are the key to high service quality and a winning customer experience.
  • orld-class expertise - Achieve a higher quality of service while maintaining reliability. Put customer experience at the heart of your business.