Set a new benchmark and skim costs

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Less power means lower costs, less HW failure and longer battery life. Operators look for an optimum way to reduce battery expenditure (CAPEX and OPEX) and get free of the costs of energy consumption for more benefit.

Futureproof your network and deliver services that adapt to and evolve along user demand.

BRgroup achieves this using tomorrow's artificial intelligence for real-time network parameter adjustment, enabling you pay minimum power cost and take on today's optimization tasks. AI-powered Predictive Optimizer (AOPT) is a demand-aware service providing optimizer evolved with AI and empowered with an efficient on-off model. This traffic-based optimization product focuses on both customer and network performance by dynamically responding to real-time network KPI’s and traffic variations.

Benefits of AOPT

  • Significant OPEX reduction through managing power use
  • Dynamic AI-trained decision on best NW adjustment following real-time traffic behavior
  • Improved user experience by dynamic adaptation to service requirements and user demand in real-time
  • Network self-healing in case of occurring HW faults
  • High confidentiality and reasonable security