The power to deliver a wide variety of services, higher data-rate and adapt to the new normal

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Simply put, 5G is new technology to deliver on the promises of a connected world and an always-on lifestyle. Our 5G solution enables you to travel to a successful 5G future, achieve higher data-rates, create more connectivity across different devices, and provide ultra-low latency. Compliant with 3GPP, BRgroup gNodeB is gNB designed for both standalone and non-standalone architectures. This allows for a secure, cloud-native 5G standalone structure or dual connectivity between LTE and 5G radios in a non-standalone scenario.

Achieve a lot

Having tackled business challenges for CSPs, BRgroup knows what shape your network should take. BRgroup gNodeB makes sure your operator strategy is right on track. BRgroup gNodeB addresses all aspects of 5G based on your objectives and requirements to help you continue your digital transformation.

Unlock next-generation communications and tap new revenue opportunities with a service that:

  • Uses standard baseband entities of comparable quality to network giants
  • Ensures complete confidentiality and maximum security
  • Enables seamless integration with LTE networks
  • Keeps costs in check and continues adding to your 5G capabilities
  • Offers flexible deployment in SA or NSA scenarios
  • Ensures full compatibility across LTE EPC and cloud-native core networks
  • Monitors performance in a user-friendly way
  • Is a perfect fusion of features and services that set quality standards
  • Comes with detailed documents

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